I love lists, they keep me sane. They organise me, they put into perspective how much or little I need to do in the day and they help me keep on top of things I'd usually or probably forget!

25 BEFORE 25;
1. Go travelling for the first time
2. Bungee Jump

3. Learn how to ride a motorbike (or just try this and see if I actually want to learn!)
4. Graduate from university
5. Complete my ASYE

6. Go to Canada
7. London for the weekend

8. Dive off a real life waterfall
9.Get a job in Social Work
10. Keep up my blog

11. Have the hair cut and colour I actually want

Learn some calligraphy/finally write in a nice way
13. Go to Scotland on a romantic weekend
14. Run a half marathon
15. Read all of the Harry Potter books
16. See the Northern Lights
17. Get another tattoo
18. Live in my own place (rented?)

19. Get my own cat (not sure I want this anymore, perhaps a dog? probably more important to own my own house cause this won't happen whilst I'm renting...)
Stay at Michael's army base 
21. See Michael pass out
22. Go to a festival (Leeds! 2013)
Plan my future house with lots of options so the prospective partner will have a choice too.
Complete a masters degree

25. become an aunty!

My love list.
I think everyone should have a love list, a document they can go back to and cheer themselves up or surround themselves with happy things. Mine's odd!

I love writing and drawing with a pencil, it makes me so happy. I love the scratchy sound it makes and I think you can almost see the lead (or whatever they put in it nowadays) shrinking with each of your lines. Magical.
I love changed bed sheets, but when they're bobbly and almost scratchy, I love that.
love crunchy un-soft towels. 
I love being able to walk along the pavement edge uninterrupted by other pedestrians. 
I love having time to organise my emails into their appropriate folders
I love seeing the sun poke through clouds like rays that are meant to be falling on someone.
I love when you can see someone singing their heart out in the car
I love when you get a text from someone you haven't heard from in a while
I love when you wake up before you're alarm but still feel refreshed
I love when you get to the supermarket and the thing you want to buy is on offer 
I love the sound of black pepper being cracked
I love when a song you love/violin music is playing when you enter a shop