Wednesday, 29 February 2012

London: Sunday

This is a follow-up post from the original and this post.

After waking up and getting ready, we made sure we knew which tubes we needed to get to places so that we didn't get so lost today! We started off at the London Dungeons... ready to be scared ;) on our way out of the station this man promoting another scary place approached us and he was HILLARIOUS. Michael wasn't that impressed but that's because his jokes were at Michael's expense, but I loved him! We made our way to the queue and started inside. I love being scared because it makes the situation a challenge to overcome. That said I can do it so well now that I'm not scared of many things :( I even like watching scary films by myself!

So the Dungeons, I had high expectations because my friend Harriet has been to the Edinburgh dungeons and said that she was scared the minute she walked in and she just wanted to get out. Well.. I did jump a couple of times (I am a very jumpy person) and that made me laugh (in a good way) but I wasn't all too scared!

We then decided to try and go back to Pitt Cue for lunch as I most days it is open for lunch.. just not Sunday's. HMPH. it was never meant to be :( instead we went to this cute Hawaiian place called Kua 'Aina and had amazing sandwiches! 
THIS lovely tea, which tasted exactly as it smelt. 
my BLT.. and random carrot stick
Michael's Teriyaki marinated chicken breast with cheese and chips

We then hopped on another tube to Madame Tussaud's (which has an interesting story behind it). I had never really been interested in visiting this place before as people photo's of the models were crappy and that they hadn't done a good job, but that really is just the quality of the photograph - these models are AMAZING. I swear I was stood opposite Taylor Launter at one point.. that good. Here are some faves:
Twilight boys <3

Audrey Hepburn for Theana

Robbie Williams for my moma, but he wasn't very good. 

JT. Personal viewing.

Rhianna - for my friend on placement

Silly mirrors in the superhero bit 
Michael took one look at this, burst out laughing and said 'look how fat you look'.... yeah he was in the doghouse for a couple of minutes ha. 

We watched a 4D superhero movie and got to wear these snazzy glasses ha.

After Madame Tussaud's we made our way to the Natural History Museum for some dinosaur fun!

do you know how BIG polar bears actually are?! They're huge!!

My mum will smile when she see's this- I used to want a feather fish for our fish tank.

My window sill looked like this but more clutter about 6-7 years ago.

Learnt something new!

Reminded me of some friends :) 

One last post about London and I'll be done!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

#1 What's in my bag?

I promised myself that I'd do this once a month and this month is almost over so I had best get one in quick!!

This is the bag in question..

These are the items in question..

Make up - Mac powder, concealer stick, lipstick - body shop, vaseline.
Food - cola lolly pop, galaxy cake bar (so crumpled as it's been in there ages!) chewing gum
Keys and book.

Pro plus, headphones, HP BBQ sauce (I seem to take a sachet with me everywhere I go!), hair band
hand cream, notepad, colourful markers, green pen/colour changey pen

ferrous sulphate tablets (iron to you and I, I'm slightly anemic), SatNav, pack of tissues,
Random condom (better safe than sorry), bottle of water, always person badge.

and lastly, my purse (which I forgot to put in the photo as it was out buying something...)

So.. how interesting was that! That's just a usual day.. should have done this post for my trip to London as I was a proper good mum and had everything prepared and ready :)

Here is some music too that I am just in love with recently! 

Isn't she just lovely?

London: Saturday Evening

This is a follow-up post from the original which can be found here.

When we finally started driving to London, we were greeted with stacks and stacks of traffic. Turns out this weekend was very busy in London with a rugby match at Twickenham, a football game and something else going on on Sunday. We left the sweet shop at about 1130-12ish and didn't arrive until 5-6pm that evening, which was a share because it was such a lovely day! Michael's favourite game was spot the range rover which got pretty tiring pretty quickly..

I'm so bored

Crazy over pass thingy

Tad scary, glad I wasn't driving

teehee immature.

After ages we got to our Premier Inn, here's the room

Michael's already decided his side.

View from the window

After we had a cuppa - Tea for Michael, Coffee for me because I gave up tea for lent :( - we hopped on the tube to look for a little restaurant recommended by this blog 
a long story short, we got VERY VERY lost. We must have got on at least 8-10 tubes to find this place, and when we got there at around 9pm, the lady on the door told us it'd be an hours wait for a table. Sorry, but no thank you. 

So instead, we hopped on ANOTHER tube to find China town and have some Chinese :)

We got the tube back to the travel lodge, had a shower and whilst Michael watched a film, I fell asleep! Again this is another long post so I'll save Sunday for tomorrow :)