Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday's Fadaise #4

For the original idea behind this post please see here. So, Daisy went in for her MOT today (I had flash backs of something similar to this happening ) and I've been pootering about mums little village like town bit trying to occupy myself whilst the work is being done.

Things making me smile today;

  • A fly buzzing around woke me up. He's been following me around the house even though I have windows and the door open. I think we're friends now. 
  • browsing the Co-op and remembering that I wanted to make Florentines! (perhaps there will be more to come on this)
  • buying some lentils to try making Theana's lentil soup
  • buying a new nail varnish partly (read: mainly) because it's called coralicious 

  • unknowingly walking over a draincover and thinking I was going to fall into oblivion and die because I could hear the gushing water so loud (that isn't even an exaggeration I was honestly scared haha)
  • a man who was up a ladder frowned at me, I have never been frowned at from the top of a ladder before. 
  • the sun is out! and sitting out on the porch reading cookery books
  • looking up long driveways imagining my self living in such houses
  • making my bed (which was covered in hair) and realising I could never have an affair (aside from the obvious reasons) because I'd leave a trail behind incriminating myself. 
I hope you're having a wonderful Friday too!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Poppy and Fern

When I got home from work earlier I was greeted by the loveliest parcel and, if I'm honest, I squealed with excitement! As I mentioned in this post, for my birthday I wanted to get an embroidered initial necklace from Poppy and Fern (shop, facebook). I am 100% blown away with my necklace and little parcel and I definitely want to share it with you :)

I'd been in contact with Rachel (the mastermind behind Poppy and Fern) a few times before I placed my order for the necklace as Rachel knew the colours and material better than I could see through a computer and I wanted to get her opinion. Rachel was always kind and lovely and although I feel I bothered her a little too much, she always put thought into her replies and I really appreciated that. ENOUGH BLAB! Onto the package..

I love receiving packages from America because they have lots of paper/stamps on them that I don't understand, I also love that I now have something all the way from Texas!

inside this package there was a little brown bag that housed these

In the clear packet is this very sweet leaping rabbit necklace that is just beautiful and a bonus that I was not expecting, so thank you so much Rachel!

my own little parcel to be excited about 
(I first saw these necklaces on facebook and it was the stamped box that made me set on getting one)

(this stamp)

ta-da! I chose the Ecru fabric with the wine coloured thread

The little note was very sweet and shows Rachel's love for her talent, 
and this whole parcel is so beautiful it just makes me feel blessed

I don't have a photo with it on yet as I look awful from work, but keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure it'll be my new staple accessory! I urge you all to go forth and browse Rachel's work, she's always coming up with new ideas and if you follow her on facebook you'll see them before anyone else ;) I'm also eyeing up this necklace and this one... ha!

p.s. meant to also add that the length of the necklace is PERFECT! I thought it was going to be too short but as soon as I put it on I knew that a lot of thought had gone into it, brilliant <3

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

WantList #4

I'm still on the look out for a dress to wear to graduation, white is my colour of choice, and as I was browsing ASOS I found this little beauty

I'm also a huge fan of these;







bit of a hefty post but there are too many gorgeous things I'd like! As always the photo's link back to the correct site page :)

Monday, 27 August 2012


On my day off last week I went to hang out with my mum and finally got round to making our own truffles! They were so easy to make but look pretty cool if you ever want to take anything along to a dinner party or as a small gift.

these were all of our ingredients, but essentially you just need good quality chocolate and cream

this was the recipe we followed

melt chocolate - mum wanted the microwave but I ALWAYS burn it

this way, it just goes glossy

measure your cream

we wanted hazelnut/almond coating so we chopped said nuts

add the cream to the melted chocolate - some recipes stated to warm the cream others didn't, we were being lazy so we didn't but I realise now why we should have; the cream is cold from being kept in the fridge and so the chocolate starts to harden almost immediately, making it difficult mix together!

it was do-able though

separate the mixture if you plan on having different flavours - we chose to do a plain chocolate and a chocolate orange type, for this I halved an orange, gave a generous squeeze and mixed

it wasn't enough in my opinion so I grated some peel, finely chopped some more and layered some on top before placing in the freezer

pop it in the fridge (or freezer if you don't have a long time, read: impatient)

take a seat and have a little break

Get the mixes out of the freezer and start shaping, as you can see the orange was a bit too acidic and made the truffles go quite sticky and runny

the others turned out a treat though!

This was a really delicious adventure and so so easy, I urge you to have a go and try out a couple of different varities! It's a lot of fun.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

weekly roundup #6

I've been thinking about this weekly post that I do and it kinda reminds me of the 'projectlife' that others do, but in a much less creative, hands on (read: lazy) way. Either way, I know I like to blog to keep an up to date goings-on of my life, and it suits me just fine, for now.

This week I've been working (as usual) a lot, I've asked someone to be a guest blogger which you'll find more about soon, I've seen the Bourne Legacy, discovered Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, learnt how to make bagels but not attempted it and had a couple of catch up calls with friends! This kinda means there aren't tonnes of photo's unfortunately.

Michael's holiday cottage

lovely shoes that I desire

truffle making - more on this!

opening a new jar of peanut butter

trying out a new wavy hair idea (source)

making things with my moma

mm warm chicken and bacon salad

and to end, my current totally enormous extinct dinosaurs track

I hope you have a good week!