Saturday, 30 June 2012

oh hi!

So as I mentioned in this post, I got a couple things a while ago in the sales - boohoo and urban outfitters. This is the last of my haul (ha, 3 things) but it's special!

It's not toooo see through, but this is how I plan to wear it on a night out - 
casual but still too much for general day to day wear

Silly camera is going blurry again. 

I've tried it on with both my pairs of shorts and when on I thought I preferred it with the darker denim but now I'm thinking the lighter one - what do you reckon?

Friday, 29 June 2012

photo an hour #3

So, here's the third in the series of photo's into my day. I've gained some new readers recently so I'd just like to say a quick hello to you! It's lovely to have you stop by :)

9am, waking up

10am, sorting out my room, this is just half of one third of my clothes

11am, driving to a nice cafe for lunch 

12pm, leek and potato soup 

1pm, feeding baby geese 

2pm, playing with the kitty 

3pm, popping out to mums 

4pm, some craft

5pm, spag bol for tea at mums 

6pm, baking some afters 

After we ate the biscuits, we continued on with crafting and having a natter, then I drove home and had a shower. It's been a lovely relaxed day that I'm savoring as I'll be starting work soon and will have no time to myself! Have you been busy?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Simple beauty

I really am quite the hoarder, I just can't seem to throw things away! I try to tidy to this mantra;
but it's hard throwing away something you've held onto for so long! I recently almost threw away these weird bottles with bubble bath in them - I didn't like the smell of the bubbles but the glasses were pretty. Luckily, pinterest was able to save them. 

Similar to this kind of idea (of who's origin I cannot find), I made my own project.

Lovely flowers in the jars

I know they're going to have to be changed quite frequently, but that's the beauty of it, simple and easy but still beautiful :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Finally! I got home Monday evening rather late (Just before 12!) and it's so nice to be back home. Yes, that means I've heard from the sub warden position and I'm pleased to say I got it and at the residence I wanted! Yay! So, onto today's business - Kaylah has inspired me to play around with my nails a lot more recently, so here are a few things I've done :)

Have you been trying anything or got a varnish to recommend? Link me! xx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crushed Berry Tea

I am a very big fan of fruit and flavoured teas and I foolishly moved some of my belongings before I actually moved out so I have nothing good to drink. I do, however, have lots of frozen berries in my freezer that I didn't get round to making into smoothies.

Berries in the pestle and mortar - mine were black and blue
(note: you don't need to use a pestle and mortar it was simply the cleanest way I could think of)

Crush them up, if they're a little firm add a teaspoon of the boiled water

I personally liked to add a couple frozen ones at the end :) 

I'm really enjoying it but it could be my cold's fault for that ha. It's not one for those who don't like bits in their tea (Natalie, I mean you), but I'm going to certainly try more variations; I'm thinking some cinnamon or perhaps a clove with different berry combinations... how exciting! Have you ever tried anything like this?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What I wore: but you fit me better than my favourite sweater

Here's something I got a while back and have yet to share with you! I love this dress, I got it in the Urban Outfitters sale that was on like a month or so back for £16 reduced from £42!! as much as I am in love with this dress, I would never have paid £42 for it. The material is lovely, however, and it is very well made I am just trying to be economical. I'm hoping for some summer BBQ's or a nice event to wear this to :)

I am still poorly so this is a very appropriate photo, blurry!

The back is gorgeous and the front has this weird triangle/pyramid thing going on down to the waist which pinches you in all the more 

So casual.

Oh yes and that's my auburn hair. Still pretty tired and beat, BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON! I haven't put plaits in my wet hair for YEARS, as I felt I only got waves halfway down my head or if I had french plaits it made my hair stick out too much, but Theana's been rocking this for a few weeks and I thought I'd give it ago. Pretty impressed seen as my GHD's are broken and I'm tired of seeing my natural mess haha.

P.s. if you aren't in love with the dress, I haven't done it justice and looking back over this post I really don't think I have. I'm hoping to be home soon, I'll get someone to take a better photo.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Instagram #3

a lovely lunch with Elsa

fancy marshmallow times

house warming flowers

matte nails

Michael, the cutie, worrying his hairs white

My Pakistani goodies

Kate being a sweetie

Ribs and stir fry

a lovely surprise from Cazza to Hazza

My lonely noodles now Theana has moved out

cuppa soup

Michael's parcel