Tuesday, 29 May 2012

the owl who was afraid of the dark

I came home today and found an amazon parcel at my door. I was rather confused as I knew I hadn't ordered anything. And to my surprise it was a lovely present!

The parcel and the inner parcel

The presents

and the lovely note :) 

Michael said to me the other day, 'I've never seen you with your hair up' and I thought was a good observation because I'm so hesitant to wear my hair up as I feel like I have manly shoulders, so here you go. I had ten mins before Imogen picked me up the other day and did a cheeky webcam shot. No I am not naked, I had a strapless dress on!

Small eyes because I'm so over worked and tired haha.

Missing you all, let me know how you're doing?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

30 day challenge

No I'm not talking about some sort of food or work out challenge.. just a journal prompt a day!

Janel over at runwithscissors does an annual 30 day prompt for people to get creative and draw in their journals. It has been running for two years and I am proud to say that I have loved the last two! This year I'll be using the journal my sister bought for me when she saw what I was drawing on in the first year, and it also has the scribbles I did in the second year.

if it sounds like your kinda thing, why not pop along and try it out?? Even if you don't think you can draw well, it's such a fun thing to do everyday for a month and who knows, by the end of it you might have gotten better! If you're stuck for inspiration, Janel shares her's in the post with the prompt as a heads up. Everyone shares their photo's on Janel's page, only if you want to, I never have because mine are for me :) Maybe this year!

So go on... give it a go!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Instagram #2

I have some lovely instagram's to share with you, perhaps my favourite round of photo's :)

Michael's tea set, the girl

Me and the kitty

Lovely materials to make things with

MMmmm girl date, GBK with Theana

Lovely coffee from a cute boy whilst I was waiting for Theana

Hollie enjoying her coffee

The park near work

Second time because I loved this effect as well

Third time because I love this one too, reminds me of some photos my nan's got

Dim Sum at Waga's with dad

Tibbs asleep the babe

Oh he's just so sexy

MM stiryfry

Oh hey poser.

Hello Canal

So yes, just a quick little update :) how are you?

Friday, 25 May 2012

That's a bad Daisy.

So on Wednesday night, a very bad thing happened. Very bad. Super bad even. I was pulling onto the motorway and my car just cut out, very bad Daisy. I called my parents, I spoke to traffic officers who had to push me onto the hard shoulder, I called the AA and then I sat at the top of a hill and cried. 
at the top of the hill

About to be towed

A very sad StaceyFace

Dropped off at the service station

this is dinner!

Next man to help me ha

Feeling a bit better but looking a lot worse for wears haha

Some cool wheel thing

Oh yeah, we mean business

Daisy's going for a ride

Getting all secure

Fixed up and ready to go

Very organised AA man

Dropping me off outside the garage

Bye bye friend!

Travelling to work the next day; the second train

Lovely canal to walk past though

a beautiful company car to play around with

It has been very stressful and seen as my head gasket has gone, it is going to be very expensive to fix - one more thing I do not want to deal with at the moment. So sorry I have been a bit AWOL - big messes to clear up. How have you been?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Kate and I went on a girl date on Sunday; lunch, the museum and then a film.

We had a buffet that was like thai/chinese/indian/italian etc... amazing!
This was the first round; wings, salad and chicken

Second round, curry!

Kate loving the curry

And dessert, mm mm

Teasing our friend with our tasty delights, he decided to pretend he was going through my stuff!

We put that bowl back together all by ourselves

Yeah this is a mirror image of above mentioned friend

Kate in the kid area

Princess Kate dressing up

Yeah now she's in the hut

Can't keep up with that girl

Some please tell me what that is? the saw like thing? 
I reckon it came from some sort of under water animal

The only owl :)

Everyone that read the sign was supposed to rub the stone down the middle, that way in a little while after a fair few people had rubbed it, we would break the stone in half - amazing!

Lovely day with a lovely girl. 5/5 on the date front, don't tell her though, she'll brag.