Sunday, 31 March 2013

Weekly roundup #29

Happy Easter!! I am currently sat here eating a milk chocolate cookie.. I have more than missed these during lent. Did you give something up? How good is it to have again?! Jilian isn't going to be happy with me though..

It's been a week filled with working, writing essays, seeing my niece, missing Michael, good food (as always!), sorting things for my dissertation, going on freeeeeezing cold walks and seeing family (so a rather good one :p). I heard from Michael on Friday, and he's doing well - he sounds better when he's had a good dinner, typical boy, ha! Although he says 'okay I have one minute left' and we carry on and get cut off without a goodbye.. we're yet to have a goodbye.. oops. I went to his family home last night to visit his parents and siblings which was good, but it did make me miss him more.

my week started off with scones.. mmm

I then tried making falafels with my home bestie, Hollie. We were both impressed!
(and roast veg pesto pasta)

she brought neopolitan wafers for dessert, but we had to chop them in half because she didn't like strawberry and I couldn't have the chocolate! We spent the evening watching twilight :)

tea with mum on good Friday

Yesterday dad and I went to Hugh's river cottage canteen (review soon!)

then last night I went to my sisters where we burnt some excess wood!

and Easter Sunday.. so many goodies to tuck into! 
No Michael to make me an easter egg hunt though :(

I've got lots of uni work to do next week and an interview.. I reckon it'll end up being a quiet one, which is okay :) are you up to anything good?

Friday, 29 March 2013

Great Friday

My mum and I went to a little town for a browse and lovely lunch this good Friday. I bought a top, ribbon for my hair and a lovellllly dress! I'll share photos when I can upload them, but first I wanted to share something mum said that made me chuckle.

'Stacey. Whenever I read your blog and look at your photos I really do think should be the size of a house.'

Oh how I laughed, its true though, I do eat well. But I eat balanced and in moderation (unless Michaels tempting :p). I have always tended to follower the Londoners anti-diet (without realising that someone actually called it a diet, its just how I do things). Here's the full English I had ;)

I had a lovely day having a proper needed catch up with my mum, and now im just waiting around for Michael to call. I havent heard his voice in agessss, so itll make my Easter. Do you have any plans for Easter?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 3 of 30

So I started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred on Tuesday (who starts things on Tuesdays I hear you cry.. but I figured if I did not start now that's progress I would have missed waiting for the next Monday), and it's really going well.

Here's a really detailed eHow on the DVD - it goes into a lot more depth than I will.

I was hesitant when I first bought the DVD as it's more than I'd like to spend on such a novelty item (yeah, I don't usually stick to things like that), but waking up the next day after my first work out, I knew this was something different. I don't need to lose weight per se but I definitely need to tone up. I am so sick of my thighs touching! I know lots of peoples do, but I will consider it such a goal if I manage to tone those right up ready for the Festivals this summer. I chose this work out DVD because of exactly that - I'd like to tone up and lose a few inches, rather than pounds.

You do the work out once a day, everyday for 30 days (surprisingly!). Jillian offers three circuits of different intensity, so on the first day I started on the first level. This was definitely the right choice because I woke up SO SORE the next day, which made me vow to myself that I would do a little bit more of a cool down that Jillian proved - people complain about this in the reviews but I just consider it to be no sweat. The soreness definitely affected how intensely I worked out yesterday but I think as soon as I feel better again I will move up to level two, which is exciting!

I'm yet to find anything I dislike about Jillian's workouts (other than she makes me do push ups). But what I love about it, is a) that my arms are weak and she really makes me work on it, b) the circuits last for twenty minutes (not long at all) but you definitely know it's worked and then next time you do a work out it feels like it was only ten minutes this time, c) the exercises change (no, it's not a magical Harry Potter DVD that changes every time you play it..) what I mean is that you don't go from push ups to jumping jacks back to push ups, you're onto the next exercise so you don't get bored of the same thing over and over. I wonder if you should only do it for 30 days or if you could keep at it as your general work out?

I forgot to take my measurements so I'll do them today because my mum will have a tape measure, but I have taken some hideous before and after shots so they'll be wonderful to look back on haha! I won't update on this everyday, maybe just a couple of goal days or something. Have you ever done this challenge? would you consider it?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

'That Gal' review

I don't usually do product reviews, but there are two items coming up! Kind of like the 'empty's' posts some girls do, I wanted to share these with you guys because simply because I really LOVE these products and think people could love them to. So first up is a face primer from Benefit.

I didn't actually believe in primer. I thought it was just like moisturiser and I already had some of that. But there was a little freebie tube of That Gal in Glamour magazine (and I love glamour - usually for it's freebies!), so I thought I'd give it a go. Although the tube is tiny, I was with Theana and Harriet when I got it and we all thought it wasn't worth it, I thought about when I bought it and I've had it for almost a year! I'm not saying I use it everyday but I'm pretty sure I do use it at least once a week, and that's pretty good going in my opinion.

So the primer. 

It's a lovely pinky colour that smells like bubblegum - and I love it when my face smells good! When it's first applied you don't see much of a difference, and you can walk away and forget you've got it on - there's no tightness, no stickiness and no slickness that I've experienced from another primer (which caused my disbelief). Once you've applied your makeup I think you can definitely see a difference, your face looks brighter and almost more flawless (you know that fancy setting you can get on your camera to make your skin look great? Like THAT!). But the thing that seals the deal on this product for me, is that I use it when I know I'm going to have a long day (okay, I mean I'm going on a night out after work and don't want to lug foundation with me), it keeps my make up perfect. I'm talking leave-the-house-at-9am-touch-up-your-eye-liner-at-7pm perfect. 

I literally cannot explain how happy this makes me. To spend a bit more on a primer that really works means I don't have to wear as much foundation and also that I don't have to use more of it during a top up. I'm not sure if that is any more economical (as the primer costs almost as much as my foundation...) but it seems like it should be! 

Have you tried this primer? what did you think?

p.s. I'll try and take a photo of the little tube but I'm on my way out of the house right now!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Five things

I think it's important for everyone to be self-reflective. To look at the way you live, interact and behave. To discover new things about yourself, and to question why you always do things in the same ways. I think to keep developing and growing means you're always going to be the best person you can be. So I thought I'd share with you a few new things I've noticed about myself recently.

  1. I cross my legs without even realising, and the left leg always goes on top first until I change. 
  2. I leave cupboard doors open all the time. When I have my own house it's going to be ridiculous. 
  3. A bit like Violet in A Series of Unfortunate Events, if I'm planning, writing or getting really into something, I have to tie my hair back. I don't need it bothering me at that crucial moment.
  4. I find it difficult to shower in the mornings. I'm sat here today writing an essay thinking that I really need to shower. But I know that as soon as I do I'll lose all focus on my essay because my brains been trained to think that showering in the morning means I'm doing something important today. So I'll sit here and smell until I'm at a good place with my essay and can take the rest of the day off.
  5. I am much more productive when I wake up early. I know that a lot of people can say this, and it's probably even a proven fact, but since I've been home from Uni and I wake up at 9, I've got far more done during a day than I usually would at Uni when I wake up at 10. It's definitely something that I will take back to Leeds with me. It also intrigues me as to what I'll be like when I'm working 9-5, so much stuff will be done!

do you ever self reflect? I'd love to see your posts if you do, please link me to them! :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekly Roundup #28

So I haven't done a weekly roundup since February.. slightly behind, however, I'm not including them all in this one, I've been up to far too much stuff! Instead I'll focus on this week (with a few pictures of Michael so I can smile whenever I read over the post).

He was ridiculously happy when he discovered he could get pokemon on his tablet... wow. and this is a sight that I am going to miss so much (laid in his bed watching films)

Custard at nans for dessert because lent ruins all fun ever

Went to be with straight damp hair, woke up to this...?!

Lovely weather down south :)

dad just loves pork belly - and I had a craving for cauliflower cheese!

AND SO IT BEGINS. Michael's first parcel

Bunny's at my job

suitable attire for a Christening?

Theana showed me how her dinosaurs were getting on

graduation photos came!

Mm sneak peak of a recipe

This stuff smells DIVINE!

Mmmmm homemade chips, the BEST.

What have you been up to this week? I hope it's been good for you. I have lots of work to do next week because I took a couple days this week.. woopsie! At least I'm having fun. Hey, I forgot to tell you yesterday, but I applied for a job a few weeks ago and heard that I've been invited for an interview, so I've gone into crazy prep mode :) I suck at interviews so I really don't think I'll get it, but I'm sure gona try!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

If I could erase the debt, maybe you'd feel the same

Just when the weather turns awful my hair decides to be perfect and feel lovely.. great! I am clutching my hood like there's a hurricane out there. Today I'm sharing a lovely jumper that my nan knitted for me for Christmas. Her sister (my great aunt) knitted me this one, and then nagged my nan to knit me one too (who am I to argue about getting all these lovely jumpers?!). Nan didn't try it on as she was knitting it and the arms are a fair bit too long (the jumper actually fits perfectly on Michael, however, I'm a lot smaller than him.. haha) so I have to roll them up a little. It reminds me of a smock top and I actually love the sleeves rolled, it makes me feel like a mini-person trying on giant clothes ha! I also think it fits quite well with the galaxy-patterned material that's out at the moment, which I'm yet to indulge in (but really wish I could!)

It's so cosy and warm perfect for this...spring weather. Yeah, I'm not quite believing it either. I am lucky to be back down South though, because my friends at uni are stuck in the snow.. so glad I'm not there to deal with it, too much of a Southern fairy for all that. I think (if schedules work out in my favour) I will be on a beach-clean with Tom today (Hi Tom!).. which should hopefully be a rewarding experience! I usually give back to people rather than nature, so it's nice to try that out for a bit :)

p.s. I had my first call today, he sounds no different but he has a cold.. only he could get a cold in Afghanistan!! 

Friday, 22 March 2013

Every other word is uh huh, yeah okay

I told my sister that I'd stuffed some peppers for dinner the other night, and hip hip hooray she asked me what to do.. that means I have an excuse to share ANOTHER recipe with you (I know, going all out this week). The ingredient list for this can vary depending on what you have - surprise surprise, another 'what ever you have in the cupboards/fridge is suitable' dish (my specialty).

This time round I used (Musts):
2 red or orange peppers (you're gona eat the whole thing so choose your favourite flavour)
olive oil
rice or couscous, cooked in stock (I would use couscous but I only had rice so had to go with that)
salt and pepper
salad leaves (I forgot to add mine but really wish I had)
butternut squash
chickpeas or beans
herbs - basil/oregano

First of all, put your rice/couscous on to boil, cut the top of the pepper (nicely, you will be using it as a lid), core it, drizzle with oil and pop in the oven until you're ready (low-to-medium heat). Something to bear in mind with the peppers is that they need to stand so perhaps buy a better standing one, if not, you can always slice a little bit off of the bottom just to promote standing a bit more!

Next, start chopping up all the veggies you've chosen, and fry them off in a bit of oil

once these are cooked, add in the rice and stir it all up.

check on the peppers, if they're half cooked then get them out of the oven and start to stuff them. I add one slice of cheese to the bottom (Broken up) and one to the top (again broken up)

Pop the lids on and return to the oven

As you can see we had ours with sausages, I was also thinking we could have had them with falafel but dad wasn't game for that haha. Depending on the size of the pepper you don't get that much rice so pop some more on your plate if you feel like it :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

I found this on my Mum's pinterest when I was snooping earlier, and I love it. It makes me smile and so happy. I heard from Michael today, he's there, he's safe and he's happy. I couldn't ask for more.

Don't say my love is too familiar

So a while ago I bought a lovely new skirt, and decided I needed a top to go with it. I'm yet to indulge in the peplum trend but just had to see if it suited me (who am I kidding, peplum suits everyone!). Mine is from New Look, the skirt is from boohoo. My question to you guys, is which necklace do you like best?!



this particular peplum has a longer back

I love it, but I might have to return it.. it didn't have a price tag on it and it almost cost as much as a pair of jeans, and I definitely cannot afford it at the moment (Daisy had a poorly exhaust :|). But which necklace do you like best?! I think I'd go with the spikey one now.. Michael was right!