Hey, my name is Stacey and welcome to my blog :) 

WhatI blog about; things I like, things I've made, my scrapbook pages, things I have encountered in my daily life, updates about my friends and family, the odd tastey recipe or two, photo's I take, outfits I've worn, and anything else I think you'd like to read or know. 
Lovely is my word of choice. I describe most things as lovely, I wish people to have a lovely day on their birthday, and if I comment on your blog, I'll most likely describe it as lovely. I do have a lot of love for most things and I am not afraid to share it around. Lovely. 

I'd love to say I'm one of those 'what you see is what you get' kinda people, but, I'm not. I'm more than comfortable in my own skin and around my friends I'm plenty sarcastic and crazy, but being the new person in a group makes me pretty reserved. To start with I just come across shy, or awkward or slightly rude/odd (I don't mean to be rude, I'm just overly conscious that I'm not being myself so then I try to over compensate and come across all wrong). I like to observe when I sit in a group and suss each character out, to know who I might clash with or who I'll gel with - I don't want to tread on anyone's toes. Now that doesn't mean that I change myself to make others like me, I'm likable enough, I just don't want to enter all guns blazing, that's not me. 

People I regularly talk about; Michael has been my best friend since primary school. He's in the army and sends regular photo updates. I love him very dearly, so I write about him often too. Theana is my housemate from uni. She's on my course too so I literally see her 24/7, not so much when we're on placement but she's super cute <3. Harriet - my housemate from last year but still someone who's a very important part of my life :) Natalie - my sister, home bird economics, lots of craft ideas. Kate, morsellany, she is a very good friend at uni and we hang out a lot so I often tell stories of our adventures!

So, why improvised intentions? This is actually my second blog, the first is listed on my first post. I'm one of these people that has a 5-year plan or a life plan, made with the best of intentions, that tends to change when I discover something new about myself. They don't usually change dramatically.. the concept is just improvised a bit. So ImprovisedIntentions is just my life and the journey that I am taking.

life motto's


I have lived in Devon since the day I was born and have always dreamt of moving away. I love my family dearly and my hometown is not boring, but I've always thought there is a lot more out there to explore. I love knowing my little town like the back of my hand, and I'd love to know a lot more cities this intricately.

I guess the reason I want to blog is because I think it's a cool way to stay in touch with the world and document each day or week of your life, something you can look back on in a few years to come and remember everything in the beautiful way you've documented it. I want to be able to help people in every way I can, and I want to help young girls build confidence in themselves because everything contributing to the person they are going to become seems to be negative in today's society.

So please stick around, maybe we could be friends?