Monday, 27 January 2014


I was on training today, which means I was granted a whole hour lunch break! I'm still looking for a few things for the flat, and the little town I was in has a dozen charity shops I like to peruse at my own lunchly leisure. 

I managed to pick up a bargain of a skirt (£1!) that looks like this... 
And actually turned out to be a pair of shorts... PAHAHA

I'm sorry for the crappy photos but this hilarious incident needed documenting. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Feeling foxy

I got this nail varnish for Christmas from my nan and love it. It's no secret that I love foxes and every time I look down it reminds of the beautiful creature! The coverage is great, this is two coats and it's yet to chip. 

What do you reckon? (I'll get the details of it when I'm back at home, but it's from avon) 
I've had a pretty crapy day and cried at work... How ridiculous! At least mum and Wayne are up at the weekend to visit Michael and I and to see the flat. Do you have any plans? 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hip hop Nails

So, it was Theanas birthday recently and in honesty I didn't know what to get her. Typically I've thought of two good things since so they've made it onto a back up list ;) one item I did buy her however, was my favourite brand of nail polish, in a colour I think she quite likes (nudes)... Whilst browsing for her I clearly couldn't contain myself and ended up buying a lil somethin' somethin'

I think I need hand modelling lessons.. Those are some funky photos! The shade is called hip hop and it's a Rimmel London salon pro polish. 

Have you tried this brand out yet?? I literally cannot find any faults! Let's see what Theana thinks...

Monday, 20 January 2014

Less than Weekly roundup

Some photos recently- 

Fancy hair 
Pancake Sunday
Making chocolate shortbread 

belle puts her own wellys on now! 
My desk at work with flower pens 
Left overs for lunch 
Driving home for Christmas. I mean coming home for the weekend, ha. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Project Pan

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Blonde, Ice Cool Platinum Intensive Treatment 
I love love love loveeeeee this product but only because it smells so so so incredible. I wish it did more for my hair so I could justify buying it again, but I can't, because it makes very little difference to my hair. It smells like something from my childhood. In terms of the product though it was meant for blonde hair (I bought it for the smell) and it didn't lighten my hair, or overly soften it, or repair it, or anything really. It just smelt good. :)
Would I buy it again? Hmm, no, I'll probably just go and smell it in boots whenever I'm in there.

I'm gona break a rule here... I know project pans are for when you hit pan with a product and want to give your verdict, but I'm going to share a few things with you that I've had for years and not been able to use. 
VO5 glossing shine serum mist
This product makes my hair greasy, heavy and limp. Harriet explained that she uses hers before she dried her hair, so I tried that, but it still didn't work for me. I don't know why I can't bring myself to throw it away but I do not like this product and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Soz VO5.  

Body shops- Seaweed blemish gel 
I have to admit that I stole this from Natalie, and she may well have liked it more than me (do you want it back sissy?), but I don't think this does anything for me. It doesn't prevent spots, reduce redness or help marking, so I don't like it. No recommendation. 

Sensitive Tea tree blemish gel 
this is the same from above- it just doesn't do anything. No perks, no good effects, just a sticky face. No recommendation. 

Neutrogena visibly clear rapid clear treatment
Literally the same as above. I think I acquired most of these products as a teenager with skin problems. And nothing was resolved by using them. And I wouldn't recommend any of them. 

Nivea visage radiance boosting moisturiser 
This product is like a shimmery moisturiser that leaves a film on your face. It doesn't sit well with any foundation/cover up, it makes your face look funnily glittery and just doesn't work. Again, I wouldn't recommend this product. 

What a sad post today, all doom, gloom and no recommendations! I'm glad to be able to admit I don't like them though and finally get rid of them instead of hoarding them trying to use them up, do you do that? Have you tried any of these products? 

Pinterest Finds

Maybe it's because I feel like I have no time to do anything anymore, but recently I have been finding lots of stuff of pinterest that I'm interested in and want to try out. Here are a few things that have made the show-and-tell cut;

 Have you been up to any simple crafty things recently? I'd be interested in reading about them! 

Quotes to make you smile

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Michael and I are on the hunt for a mirror. One with a gold frame, perhaps with an old fashioned pattern, and huge.

We found these in matalans recently, and even though they aren't gold (I can paint it easily enough) their size just doesnt suit either. 

So the hunt continues; charity shops, eBay, Gumtree and any shops possible... It'll be very satisfactory to find one day I reckon :)

Exploring the Lakeside

Michael and I like our nature walks, as you already know. So when we moved to a new place we had to scout some new routes out to get our fill. 
With my trusty walking boots of course

We found a lovely little place called lakeside where there were birds, fishes, tonnes of fisherman, and a lot of sun. It's definitely somewhere I would like to take my niece, Isabelle. 

The river was fed by a marsh, is that right? That's what it looked like..  

But the swans didn't mind, they kept parading round regardless

It was a lovely little place, and it may become my new favourite depending on what else we can find! Have you been exploring this year? 

Exploring Winchester

Michael and I have been on a couple of day trips recently as there have been so many new places to explore :) the weather was pants, but Winchester was possibly the most fancy so I must share a few highlights!

The cathedral 

A sweet little cafe 

The museum. I certainly liked this museum but it could have been a whole different experience. In York, the museum  has a road housing lots of different shops with experts keeping them- you can pop in and the staff will tell you what happened in them years ago and what they were used for etc. it's pretty incredible in my opinion :) 

This museum was like that, but the shop assistants weren't available :( I enjoyed exploring regardless! 
Tobacco shop

Michael exploring the apothecary- so cool, my favourite store :) 

A hardware shop. 

I really loved this museum. I am definitely going to go back when the people are in there to talk to. I have no idea why I find things like that so interesting but I do, and it just fascinates me. 

Lovely clock in the high street, just like in York too! 

After this we went to the royal green jackets museum (all about Michael's army regiment history) but I didn't take any photos?!? And then we had an incredible burger at o'neils that if 100% get again, best part is that it was one but one get one for £1 so it was a great deal too! 

The rain soaked us through and it was bitterly cold- I know, kinda contradictory but honestly true- and we went home for the day... TO MAKE ROLO BROWNIES. oh they were good, but we cheated. A brownie packet mix with rolos pushed in and covered. Mmm :)