Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What I Wore: Dotty Tights

I thought I'd do a follow up post on the dotty tights I mentioned previously, but also because I just admitted this was my new favourite outfit and it seems silly not to share it if that's the case! This top is from New Look, I got it over Christmas and it's actually from the children's section, I don't know how I can keep buying clothes meant for kids but I certainly don't feel guilty.


It's a very simple day-to-day outfit but that's what makes it so good in my opinion :) and don't worry, I have two pairs of tights on.. I'm not just a crazy winter person. I have no idea what goes on in my room in regards to lighting but it doesn't look great, my hair is certainly not copper!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Nails #8 pastel graffiti

Similar to the galaxy nails and the graffiti nails I've done previously, I tried out something new with pastel colours! I also decided to add some silver lines on top, because I just felt like it needed more. I love them but they're just not as good as the galaxy nails, I think I'll have to do them again soon.

I also made the foolish mistake of doing this at half ten, now I'm still up waiting for them to dry :| (it's 12.15am) Hope you're having a good Monday!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Weekly Roundup #24

So this week was incredibly hindered by the snow, one lecture cancels and few buses running. I took the time to get my room organised, I love it when papers are in their place! 

During a busy Wednesday I took an hour to myself to finish reading the Goblet of Fire and have a jam flapjack, mmm

Nando's were so generous with our raffle prizes, they are such a lovely business!
and I also loved this chest in their store. 

Thorntons were also overly generous.. Stella was an absolute babe and I'm so grateful!

The ridiculous snow.. grit made no difference! 

I have also been making the wall above my laptop look pretty so I'm filled with inspiration whilst I'm writing.
Lots of baby photo's (her face isn't a big blur, I'm respecting my sisters wishes of not sharing photo's), and also lots of Michael's to remember all the cool things we've done!

So many curls with my curling wand

Mini Jam pots. So sweet. Not sure what I'm gona use it for but it's too pretty to throw away.

My Hyacinth is growing away, gona have flowers in no time :)

Next week is going to be filled with a literature review so I don't know if I'll get round to blogging, but hopefully I will! What are you up to next week? Any good plans?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Busy Bee

Sorry I haven't had anything interesting to post to you in the past few days, I have been busy with a job interview, dissertation meetings, lectures and the like. I don't know if you feel the same, but once my week gets to Wednesday I seem to get crazy busy and have far too many things to do in too little time!

You may be pleased to know that I got the job, yippee! so I'll be doing campus tours for post-graduate students at my university :) it's really easy but I like sharing my experiences and encouraging others to choose here too.

Michael, the young fellow I talk about a lot, is in the Army and he's deploying to Afghanistan in March, so on Thursday night we (Theana and I) were invited to a pre-deployment information evening. It was really helpful to find out specific details about his tour and ask all the questions I had. I'm impressed with the army; they have many contact details for welfare professionals and put on lots of events to make sure that whoever's left behind isn't isolated, lonely and worried - they really try and make a community. Which must be essential for army wives who have young children and limited family. I'm also really impressed with all the ways I can get it touch with him whilst he's out there, it makes it a little less daunting. I've got a couple of DVD's to watch in regard to his deployment so they should be fun :p
he's the one that's kinda third from the left

I also wanted to share this song with you, as it's one of my new faves (I've been looking for it for a while, and I think I found it on someone's website the other day.. I love it when that happens!)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nails #7 Purple Nurple

Okay so it's nothing to do with purple nurples luckily, but it's the only thing I could think that went with purple haha! I love these two colours together, the lilac is from avon and the darker purple is Barry M. I decided to use cellotape and put the two colours together, and then just to finish them off I added some black in between.

I hope that they never chip and I get to wear them for a long time. It makes me so happy when I look down and see how pretty they are!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Beans and a bit more

So Monday's recipe is a day late because I didn't actually plan this, I just fancied them. I'm not a fan of baked beans, I don't know why, it's just the flavour and texture. I do eat them sometimes, when I get a real craving for them. So when I get that craving, I make this little recipe to change them around ever so slightly!

baked beans (I'm too poor to have heinz, but any brand you want)
Worcestershire sauce
BBQ sauce
salad leaves
baked potato

I do not have time to bake a potato in the oven for hours, I know it's super nice, but when I get home I'm usually hungry and want something within 15 minutes. I pierce the potato a few times, whack it in the microwave for 5 minutes, turn it over, another 3-5 depending on how big it is, then coat it in oil and a thin layer of salt and pop it into a hot oven.

Whilst the potato is in the microwave I empty the beans to a saucepan on the hob - I just prefer that to the microwave. Add in the worcestershire sauce (I'd say probs 3 tablespoons but you judge it how you like it), BBQ sauce (again, as much as you'd like) and paprika (at least a teaspoon, but I always add more). Stir this all around and taste, I usually season at this point.

Today I used roasted chicken as I got a bargain from Morrisons yesterday, and I wanted to rehydrate the sometimes dry breast meat, but you can use sausages, bacon or whatever you have lurking about your freezer! Add in the salad leaves after that and give it all a good stir!

Now you just need to prep your potato, butter (I'd also use cheese if I had any but alas, I do not), and serve

Now I'm suitably filled and satisfied, I'm off to read Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. My lectures have started up again now and I have lots of academic reading I need to do but Harry seems so much better, plus I am so closing to finishing the book that I know I will in the next couple of days! How's the start of your week going?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Ilkley Moor

So on January 13th Michael and I went for a walk on Ilkley Moor and the we explored the little town for a bit.. even though I trod in a bog and got a cold that is still persistent  it was a great walk and definitely something I'd like to do more often (in better footwear..)



paha although it worked it just looks like Michael's cradling the tor


Pooh sticks on the right, if you and I ever walk past a river, we're definitely gona play it. 
It was such a lovely day, not one I'm likely to forget any time soon :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Weekly Roundup #23

Technically this will be week 23 and 24 butttttt I'm not that worried. I didn't manage to post last Sunday because Michael didn't leave until late (and I like to soak up all the time I have with him) but now he's just in the shower and I thought I'd make a start! 

a very hungover michael

our walk to Ilkley moor

We had lots of snow this week!

mean tree hurt my foot on the walk

food from the day out in York!

mm my usual. Michael had rabbit pie!

My first ever poached egg, 
I've never had it before and didn't think I'd like it but I'm definitely converted now.

gave Michael the biggest wedgie ever haha

Smoked salmon salad, a classic.

Mmm peanut chicken stirfry, sooo good!

How was your week? Did you get up to anything good? Uni start back next week so I'm likely to be busier!