Sunday, 30 December 2012

Weekly Roundup #21

I didn't manage to post last week because over Christmas I came down with a bug. It was horrible and definitely not the way I wanted to spend my day. But dad was sweet and he cooked us a mini roast and we sat about watching films and napping on the sofa. Very simple, small and lovely. Onto my week, technically two weeks..
it's been crazy misty/foggy/rainy here!
Nan knitted a hat, Michael and I now match ha
the Golden boy himself and I went for churro's the other day. 
we didn't have a meal or anything, we just went for the dessert...
and boy was it worth it.
we went to a Winter Wonderland of Christmas decorations
Our tea's are ridiculously different
I went to the home uni's library.. very different from my own.
mmm a tasty tart I made
my dreamy work space :)
Used my friends curling wand.. totally sold and bought myself one!
going for late night apple pies with Michael :)

I've had a wonderful time this Christmas period and I love how many new viewers we have! I wish you all luck in the giveaway!!

p.s. the giveaway is still open, enter while you still have time!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas GIVEAWAY!

I'm feeling super generous this year, and I am going to offer my first giveaway ever on this blog! It is a lovely little bracelet from accessorize in pinks and bronzey/gold tones. I think my favourite bit is the bead with the flowers on it, but there are lots of sweet little parts to it.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment with your name and email address so I can contact you if you win, and fill in this rafflecopter form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As I'm feeling extra nice, the giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!!

What I wore: Christmas Glitter!

A little while ago I won Jade's Ginger Pickle mammoth give away, and I've been dying to wear this beautiful hair bow for a while but with it's size I've also been a bit scared. But today I'm spending the whole day with my sister and Belle so I know I'll be fine if anyone says anything mean or gives me a mean look. Plus I just dyed my hair again and it's lovely ha.


just wearing a general lazy day outfit with it though :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pinterest finds; DIY Chirstmas

Pinterest has some amazing gift ideas around at this time of the year (not that it doesn't always, but you need them the most right about now), here are some of my favourites - each photo links back to the site.

I don't know about you but I'm always drawn to the gifts I'd like to receive the most! 
But as with pinterest, I'm not sure how many of these I'd actually get round to, which is a shame.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


As much as I might sometimes moan about how many words I have to write or how many essays I have, I love it when I get back into my room and this is the view that greets me. I love reading widely around a specific topic and finding snippets that make me think 'I need to put a post it there so I don't lose that'. It's one of the reasons I knew I could and would enjoy doing a masters degree.

I'll definitely miss it when I'm no longer studying, but I am lucky to be able to have four years of the magic!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekly Roundup #20

Yeah, slightly late. I do hope you can forgive me! I have been rather busy following graduation; we were in Leeds on the Friday for graduation where we stayed for refreshments with friends, then we went for a light bite at at Salvo's Salumeria (we had 5 sharing dishes, so tasty), then we went for dinner at TGI Friday's - it was phenomenal! Friday evening Michael and I watched a antichrist (so weird, not a recommended at all) on Saturday Michael and I met mum and Wayne in town for a browse around the German Christmas market where mum got some more Christmas decorations and Michael got some presents for his family, then on Saturday evening Michael's surprise Christmas present was tickets to see Ellie Goulding (quote: how am I ever gona top Ellie Goulding tickets?! - girl did good ;) ) After the gig we drove to his camp and stayed over (his bed is ridiculously comfy, who new soldiers were treated so nicely?!?) then the plan on Sunday was to go to Stonehenge but a) it was rainy and b) they charge you £7.80 just to browse!! £7.80!!!! So we stayed in, watched films, wrapped boxes, went to KFC and chatted with his friends. I got back late Sunday night, and all Monday I have been shopping and hanging out with the girls (me, Belle, Natalie and our nan ha).

So yeah, here's my week;

Now I'm back home it's so hard to make myself work, especially with my niece being so big and fun to interact with - seriously that girl is growing up far too fast already! But I am going to do it.. even if it kills me!

Saturday, 15 December 2012


What a funny word, I had to re type it like 5 times cause it is not something my fingers are use to. I literally had the best day! Although some of it was spent running around like a headless chicken and I didn't really see my grandparents, everyone saw me graduate and we had tonnes of photo's, I didn't trip up the stairs and I just had a wonderful day :) it was also icy to begin with and it rained throughout the day (hence my wispy hair) but that could not ruin my excitement, it was exactly what I wanted!

here are some photo's (I opted for a white dress because I didn't want to be drowned in black, and I saw someone from a previous year and thought the colours suited well enough)


this is a photo heavy post, here's a chance to escape now! (I don't recommend it though)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

See me graduate!

So Natalie and Grandma, and (Kate) did you know that you can watch my graduation live?!?!

My ceremony is at 11.15am but there's a whole bunch of people at that time so it may be a little (or a lot) later on than that..

follow this link  and choose 'watch now', scroll down to Thursday the 14th and find 'healthcare' on the right hand side it should say 'VIEW HERE' (I checked this the night before and it wasn't there so fingers crossed it'll be there tomorrow!)

Sit back, and enjoy!!


Quotes #4

It's come that time again where I share some of my favourite quotes with you (that I've usually gathered on my pinterest...)



Oh, it's definitely a board I never tire of browsing. and I'm continually adding to it, which I love.