Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekly Roundup #10

I am poorly today, lots of snot and headches and achey ness going on case de Stewart but the world keeps on turning and it is only a cold, what a wimp. Here is what I've been up to this week;

My roast last Sunday - Roast broccoli is so good!

Yucky milk in tea :(

Avocado pasta as by this recipe (not good :( )

Michael's extravagant dinner 

Mm steak sandwich

Someone (Michael) bought 'feel better' food

Loved this instagram'd photo of the meal

bacon and brie sandwich, wish I had cranberry sauce!

Work sheets

Michael's parcels

N'aww card from Theana's mum (for Theana not me)

Shopping list for work 

Mm Theana and Sam keep trying out new Waga's noodles recipes

Michael treating himself to french toast (Did you know that was just eggy bread?!)

Ugggh jealous of Michael's chili squid/Chinese meal

Far too many food photo's, I need to start thinking about taking photo's of things other than meals. getting a tad ridiculous now. Anybody got any good tips for kicking an achey cold? I don't have a bath in halls :(

Friday, 28 September 2012


Similar to this post, on the day I was 'house sitting' I decided I also wanted to try making florentines. I was browsing the co-op which prompted me to look for recipes. I had some liquid glucose as I didn't use it in the truffles I made even though a recipe said we should, so I ended up using this recipe:

100gms butter
85gms sugar
28gms liquid glucose
30mls cream
100gms sliced almonds
30gms rolled oats

Bring the butter, sugar, liquid glucose and cream to the boil.
Add sliced almonds and rolled oats and simmer boil for a further 3 mins.
Spread the mixture onto a tray lined with baking paper. Cook at 190 degrees c for 8 - 10 mins or until golden brown. Cool, and while still warm cut into long fingers or triangles. 

I started by amending the recipe, I wanted to use hazelnuts and almonds, not oats. I then started chopping the nuts as I knew these would need to be ready when the mix was boiling.

Next I measured out the butter, sugar, glucose and cream

mixed together and placed in a saucepan

bring to the boil

add the nuts and boil for three more minutes

spread out on a baking tray covered with parchment

make sure it's even

then place in the oven for a further 8 minutes (I checked every two)

I checked it and it scared me! it was all bubbling up!

as you can see, mine got a little burnt, I am sure my mum's oven or trays are wonky

I broke mine up into bite size pieces as I was taking them to a BBQ. I've always been hesitant to work with sugar/glucose as from a young age I was taught that sugar gets very hot and you have to be cautious. I did try and make a tarte tatin one that didn't go well at all, so I think I'll try once more and if not, no more sugar play for me! They are very tasty little bites but they could have gone a lot better in my opinion.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Birthday continued!

My lovely, beautiful friends Harriet and Theana told me on my birthday (July) that I'd have to wait until I got back up to uni for my birthday present. They said it was a surprise and that I'd love it.

They were so right. 

These guys are amazing. You should know by now that I love saturday morning kitchen/James Martin, and that I watch it like it's my religion. Well, the girls booked us a table at James Martin's restaurant - the Leeds Kitchen. When we got there some kind ladies took our jacket, and the girls said that we'd be going for the taster menu - 6 courses with wine. My goodness was I spoiled!!

James Martin new it was my birthday so he signed my card

cream of cauliflower soup

pressing of ham hock, celeriac remoulade and red wine shallot puree

pan fried fillet of mackerel with chargrilled asparagus and devilled butter dressing

slow cooked ox cheek with creamed potatoes and pot roasted vegetables

my beautiful friends

Yorkshire curd tart served with creme fraiche and raspberries (and a candle for the birthday girl)

Cherry and vanilla jelly 

with coffee

I came home super stuffed and super spoilt, I was the luckiest birthday girl this year. 21is quite clearly the one to beat!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nails #2; Pink on Pink

This pink nail varnish (the one on the bulk of the nail) is quite possibly my favourite. Michael knows it as 'the one that makes me smile every time I look down and see it'. Because it really does, how can a nail varnish do that?! Anyways. The other colour on the tips is a gift from my nan, whilst it is a little gloopy the colour is amazing and I am a fan. I wanted these colours together as it is quite simple and you wouldn't really see unless you were looking, which is my kind of thing :)

Bad cuticles, my bad. 

Argh, they are just so pretty! I love them. The shades are '405 Rose Libertine' (left bottle) and '623 wishing on a star' (right bottle), both Rimmel as you can see :)

How's your Tuesday going? I'm off not a new lecture, wish me luck!