Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I've been such a busy bee today! I had my best friend Michael up this weekend and whilst he lazed around a fair bit, I cracked on with an essay and got a fair bit done. We re arranged my room, went out for dinner, saw the new twilight film and stayed in bed far too long. He put up with a lot of aggro from me about my room and moved a few items of furniture too many times because I didn't like them where I'd suggested, so I'm really thankful to him. He had to leave today and get back home, whilst I went to the library and got lots more work today which I'm pleased about. After a long lecture helping me with an exam in January I finally got home. Even though I feel super tired cause I don't normally get up early on a Tuesday, when I got in I managed to get a lot done; changed my bed sheets, sorted out pairs of tights with/without holes into their rightful place, sorted out a bag of odds and ends to their rightful home, put a wash load on, tidied the rest of the room, looked after my plants and then cooked dinner, a very house-wife evening! The packet sauce from Shwartz for carbonara is one of the better ones I've tasted!

So here's what my room looks like;

As you can see, I don't have a lot of space to work with so most of the walls are crowded with a desk bed or wardrobe, but I do have a lot more space in the middle now, as well as my radiator being uncovered which was the main reason for the move :) I also love my desk near my window, much brighter!

Gee, this is my room quite tidy. You can tell what a terrible person I am!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sorry Guys! iPhone photos...

I've been a bit AWOL recently as University assignments are slowly burying me away from the world and maintaining a social life. You might be pleased to know that they're going quite well though :)

Not only has my blog been neglected, but my room and chores have too;

THIS IS A STATE. It's lucky that my back is turned to all of this whilst I'm working else nothing would get done. Some lovely music I have discovered recently is by Maverick Sabre, he was born in London but moved to Ireland when he was quite young so he sounds like an Irish singer and has released a song called 'Let me go' that you probably will have heard. Here is another good one by him that you probably haven't heard;

I've decided to turn this post into interesting photos from my iPhone this week;

A lovely chicken I roasted last week

 Blueberry tea, it went purple before red, was cute.

Monday, 14 November 2011


I've been procrastinating looking at blogs again, but found a couple of lovely ones.

Lark and Linen - she found this lovely video which makes me happy

Although I like craft and scrapbooking, I really like people who blog about their life, I like being interested by other people and what they want to share with you. I think it's intriguing how much some people share and little others do. Social research we'll call it.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Can of success

I'm super impressed by the guys over at thingsweforget today, I love the note;

Saturday, 12 November 2011

How do candles work?

Does wax dissolve? Where does it go? How does it go from solid to liquid to nothing. I don't understand.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Pass Out.

My best friend, Michael, had his passing out parade today. It was very exciting. I met his family at their travel lodge, we drove to the camp and had a wander around the base. We then went on to the presentation and got good seats. It was quite chilly there but LOADS of people turned up and it was lovely to see so much support for the boys there. We had a minutes silence at 11, and continued on with the presentation. After that, we walked to the parade square, got front row seats, and wait for the boys to come out. They looked so smart and lovely whilst waiting for the man to come and inspect them, but he was late and it was so cold for us in our gloves, coats and scarves, I can't imagine what the poor boys were like with their hands on their rifles. Oh yeah Michael is in the Rifles regiment. So the man came out, the boys got inspected, they all did their march and came back. The chosen ones got given awards, and then returned back to their places. Then the two other groups marched off, whilst we waited for the Rifles to do the double past us. I got a bit teary when they marched past, not that I let him know that. ha. I also forgot to take pictures as he marched past as I was a bit awe struck at him in his fancy uniform. We made our way back up to the Naafi and queued ages for the loo. When his sister and I finally got out, Michael was already back in the reception room so I gave him a big hug and told him I was proud. His mum felt a bit unwell and rested. We chatted for a while and then Michael, his sister and I went to view his room, it was small and very unprivate! We got back into the car and I got dropped back to the travel lodge. I was sad to see him go, but wrote him a special passing out letter to let him know my feelings.

Michael if you're reading this, I love you, and you continue to amaze me.

p.s. I will have photo's but I left my camera in his dads car so they won't be available for a while! xx

Here's my fave from the day

Michael is the third from the right in the first photo, 
and then the clearest fellow at the back in the second

Michael is the third from the left in this photo

Michael is the third from the right, on the front row :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I got up, did some dishes from the night before, watched the gilmore girls (It was the really sad episode where Logan takes Rory to his parents house and they're really mean to her), bought a top from ArkOnline, came upstairs and started to read and write about the history of services for people with Learning Disabilities, got an unknown call that was confirming my placement within a child protection duty and assessment team! I'm very excited as this is the exact placement I wanted, right down to the tee. (Sorry, for those who do not know, I take a social work degree and a large part of that degree I spend on placement, this is just like having a full time job and not getting paid for it. You learn the skills you need to work effectively in the team, whilst continuing on with lots of reading and essays for uni). I called my mum, dad, shouted it around the house, text some friends who understand what I'm talking about and did a little victory dance. Since, I've tried to sit down at the computer again and write some more but I got a bit stuck. I spoke to a friend and her approach to the essay and she really helped clarify some issues I was having and recommended a couple of books - what a super star! Now, I can't decide whether to make fish pie ready for tea later as I have a basketball match I need to be cheering at, or continue with my work. I haven't got the correct books to carry on with this part of my work, but I am able to get them before/after cheer. Hmm.. I will be using this recipe for my fish pie, without the pea and mint dip though :)

What are you up to today?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Wana hear what I've done today instead of work?

Watched the gilmore girls
drank numerous cups of tea, felt bad so switched to coffee
got back into bed to lay and think about things
spoke to my housemate about her friends break up
arranged an appointment for someone else
spoke to people on FB chat
cooked some smiley faces and sausages for lunch
watched a programme about what to eat to avoid migraines (I get them sometimes)
played with a candle and burnt my nail
packed a bag ready for a sleepover
wrote a couple of emails
more tea
FB stalked people
Checked up on a couple of blogs
spoke to my best friends mum about her birthday/his passing out
considered showering
finally gave in to do some work, wrote out a couple of essay plans
wrote another email to figure out what an essay wanted
decided to blog about successful procrastination.

things I should do to procrastinate as it would help;
tidy my room
do my dishes
do some washing

things I won't do for procrastination;
all things above.

Did I hear you suggest more tea? Oooh.. okay.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween Night

For Halloween, I was hanging out with the American Footballer and Cheerleaders. I recycled a costume I made last year - a spider! It was really simple, I started with a long sleeved top, 3 pairs of tights and a pair of black shorts.
All I did was;
chopped two pairs of tights off of the short bit at the top to make 4 legs,
stuffed all 4 legs with carrier bags (They made it keep shape),
measured the right places and made small holes to stuff the legs into
hand sewed the tights into the top,
tied rope round each leg to attach to my hand,
got dressed in the other tights, shorts and spider top. Ta-Da!
I also drew on my face with eyeliner - a spiders web and spider.

When it was first made

Practical and warm

Face design
Rob, me and Chris

And again

Lauren, Sarah and me.

Hope you all had a good halloween, what did you get up to?