Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Shopping Haul

Mum and I met in town on Saturday, which is always nice - I haven't been to town since I got back but nothing much has changed to be fair! It's just so typical (sod's law as mum would say) that I found all the things I've been looking months for when I have no money. Well, I got them anyways! I literally have been looking for a pair of black stilettos since Christmas, and the 3/4 length leggings that I needed were in an offer so I couldn't pass that up either!

(snappy backs, never seen this before)
4 belts. I know, no one needs 4 belts. But come on. they were £1 each. 

I love this colour, and again, I've not seen a belt like this before


Cheapy primark sandals but I just needed something other than dolly shoes!

MAC powder, I have been too long without this.

Best Mascara known to man. 

and now.. I saved the best til last..

I'm gona try and get a snap with them on, they're amazing for flattering legs!

I'm a super lucky girl, mum treated me to the mascara and also a coffee and muffin. twas a lovely day :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

weekly roundup #2

So as mentioned yesterday this post is late because MICHAEL'S BACK!! He's been away for just over 6 weeks on army exercise and I love having him back. That said, I do now feel like today is Sunday and not Monday, so now I reckon I'm gona be off all week! This week's post is going to be a little sparse as I've just been working 10-4 on the playscheme and then sometimes 430-730 at another job. I find myself writing a to-do list in the day as I don't get the biggest chance to run errands! It's also going to be full of photos of the lovely weather, as I would probably put money on it being the only sun we see (that's kind of okay though, at least I managed to get a tan). So here goes;

view from my job, I got paid to go Canoeing on Thursday - hardly a job eh?

also got paid to go to a national park.. 

the coast,
old ruins
getting spoilt at a BBQ (this was for 3 people!)

a rather fruitful shopping trip with moma (post to come)

Harvester with Michael who's just too hungry and keen to let me take photo's
(kidding, he paused after I'd taken it ha)

my friend sent me this and said 'this reminded me of you'
hahaha, cheers. I'm so sassy. 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

quick apology

Hey guys, I know I'm supposed to be writing the weekly round up today but I've taken an impromptu visit to Michael's army base. He got back at 130am this morning and I couldn't wait any longer to see him. When I get back later everything should resume as normal! xx

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Birthday Photo's #2

second of two posts, first found here. Just a quick post to share with you my birthday swag! 
presents from Michael's family; perfume, bath bomb and the best chocolates

another knitted jumper from my great aunt, as mentioned here

a whole goodie bag from my sister! (my fave)

wasabi paste to make wasabi peas, sparklers

tic tacs, halloween (my fave holiday) stickers, nail varnish, tic tacs

and from nan, cycling shorts, musical candles and the cake she made. 

Lovely Lush goodies from my housemate, Rachael 

And Kate! sent me a whole parcel;
Balloons, Mustache book mark
Manipulated photo's of us together (we somehow have none?!)

Bounty Birthday cupcakes! These were so delicious :D

and lastly, my haul from Faye
every bike rider needs this.

My mum is getting me a push bike (when back at uni), dad got the meal and a necklace that hasn't arrived yet and Michael got me a special present that's just for me :) Theana and Harriet have a surprise waiting for me apparently...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Birthday Photo's

So here's the first of two posts intended to discuss my 21st! I was lucky to corner 3 family members and pose a few times for a camera, I present to you; my mother, my father and my sister.

Lots of lovely photo's! I asked Natalie to do a 'maternity wear' guest post but she didn't want to, I personally think she dresses well with her bump and would love her to but you can't force a girl.