Thursday, 5 September 2013

What I Wore: To an Interview

I had an interview today for my little city council, and whilst it went awfully (I need to learn how to carry on after I mess one question up, why must I then mess the rest up too?!?!), I thought I'd show you the little bargain I nabbed to wear. 

It gave me confidence with my little kitten heels and I felt ready to tackle the world.. just not the questions they threw at me. Anywho, less on that morbid note and more on where you'd find this bargain. This dress is currently in an offer for Matalan's - if you're a member (and I'm pretty sure everyone has to be a member to shop there) you can get it for £10 instead of £16. Yes, that is right, this beauty is £10. and you can get it in a range of colours! So go check it out. Man I wish I was being paid to promote them.