Sunday, 1 September 2013

What I wore: Miscellaneous Pink Birds

Another item lovely miss Hollie gave me was this skirt. It's actually a boob tube top, butttttttt I knew I wouldn't wear it like that so I decided to make it into a skirt! I just took the sides in a little bit as it wasn't a tight top and I wanted the skirt to have more of a pencil-look (I have taken it in a little bit more since taking these photo's). I'm looking seriously moody in some of these photo's and I have no idea why.. I advise you to look at the skirt and just ignore the face, or laugh at it, that is also acceptable.

This time round I paired it with  my black peplum top (New Look). I just love the pattern of this skirt, I want to wear it all the time but I feel like it's too fancy to wear day to day.. its needs a proper event!

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