Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I'm going crazy.

2 of my housemates have gone out this evening and the other is in her room doing work.. I'm, all alone. And super bored of being alone. I've organised the titles of my assignments so I can have a quick reference should I read something that might be relevant, sorted some questions I need to ask a lecturer tomorrow, decided the books I'd like to get out of the library, sorted out scanning some flow charts I need to memorise, found some interesting articles to read for my dissertation and started to plan another assignment. I also feel overwhelmed and confused when I think of how much work I have to do; I'm not good at doing more than one assignment at a time (e.g. switching from topic to topic) so I've sorted out which days I am in lectures for which subjects and then which gaps I have to do my own research/work so I'm in the right frame of mind for it. SUPER BORED OF BEING ALONE NOW. I've also listen - and sung along quite loudly- to a few of Ed Sheeran's albums.. I best the housemate that is in is more bored of it than I am!

My housemate Alyna made something pretty funny the last time I was out for the evening..
it reads ' The GOBLIN KING has taken the toasdstool for his collection of Oddities (my toadstool mug). A ransom of 3 hubba bubba packs +1 fairy slipper must be paid by noon, or toadstool will not be returned. Yours truly, Goblin King.'

So this time, I've borrowed something from her room and made my own note;
Crazy cat lady, who was very lonely and bored, stole something and has hidden it some where in the house, if you find it within 3 days, you love it and can have it. if you don't, it becomes hers. FOREVER. Time starts now...

Theana's home again now so it's not so bad... goodbye!

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