Thursday, 13 October 2011


Although it's autumn, it's cold and wet enough to feel like winter. Rather than living in the same clothes for two seasons, which is equally as acceptable, I like to try and add to my normal clothes to make them warmer. So this year I'm going for adding big scarves; you can put them on top of short sleeved tops, long sleeved tops, tank tops - literally any kind of top you want to wear, apart from collars in my opinion.

So I got this little beauty at a local vintage shop, Pop Boutique. Obviously you can fold it how you like, some people wrap it around their neck, some people tie it, I personally like to just put it around my neck - no wrapping. I think it adds a kind of necklace-like look.

I have a couple more but don't have photos yet, I might add to this post or just make a new one for the others!

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