Thursday, 13 October 2011

What I wore: Shirt and Hair Bow

Whenever I wear a long shirt with a belt, I feel like I'm wearing a boyfriends shirt around the house/flaunting 'this is how good I'd look if you let me wear your things'. Well, I don't have a boyfriend so this is not the case. But the shirt is really cute and from New Look, the belt is also from New Look and the hair bow is actually just a scarf from a charity shop that I folded, wrapped under my hair and tied at my parting. 

I also wear this with black 3/4 leggings (typically from New Look too), you don't have to, but I like it for the extra warmth/to be a bit more covered. Make up as usual and hair slightly straightened :)

Please excuse the messy room in the background!

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