Monday, 21 April 2014

Beached quail

I went for a jokey title for a little laugh. Do you ever find post titles are difficult to decide on?! 

In reality, we just bought some quail eggs! I'm really excited to try anything new, as I think there are so many things out there that you could end up loving if you just gave it a chance. Quail eggs was certainly one of them. They are dinky and really quite beautiful. 

We shared them with Michaels dad, and ended up with 4 each. I chose to have two fried and two boiled. Both ways were delicious (fry til white and not snotty, boil for two minutes) and I wouldn't hesitate to have them again. I like that the white to yolk ratio was more equal than with a chickens egg. 

On that note, my sister has chickens now! And I also can't wait to try out her home grown eggs. Further to that, we have a little farm up the road that sells duck and goose eggs which I'd also like to sample... Have you ever tried any of them? What did you think? Would you try them? 

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