Saturday, 5 April 2014

So what's happened since we last spoke?

I think this should be a regular feature, probably for a Monday in reality. And for those of you who listen to Greg James on radio one please ignore the familiarity.

-Since my absence, my sister has given birth to a beautiful baby boy name Isaac Charles Peter. Isaac's sister Isabelle is now 18 months so Natalie certainly has her hands full! 

-I have gained more confidence in my job, and I think I've found my feet a bit more. I had my three month review and had feedback that I'm doing well. 

-We had Mother's Day, and I got my mum a little plant and a plant pot :)

-Michael and I went to Bournemouth for a couple of days away, we went to their sealife centre and on the pier. 

-I've become well and truly addicted to a particular brand of hummus

-The flat finally has internet! 

-Michael finally moved out of his room on camp, so it's definitely official that we've moved in together 

-I've got my highest score in bejewelled blitz 

And that's about it really, what have I kissed with you guys? Please update me I'm very interested! Xx

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