Wednesday, 2 April 2014

up, down, jump around


Before this blog post I always wore my hair down with this dress. I can't remember what else I was doing, but my hair was bothering me and I tied it up. I got back to taking pictures and actually preferred it with my hair up.  I bought these leggings by accident, they were in a sealed pack and I thought they were going to be black, unfortunately not. Now they're sold out and I can't get black ones, and I don't know if I hate them too much and need to return them all together or if I can deal with it. They definitely don't go with my brown boots is my only clear issue, as I like dresses and boots. Can you help a sister out?? 

Oh and you can probably tell but this is the dress that is the same cut/shape as the purple one I had too many issues with!

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