Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween Night

For Halloween, I was hanging out with the American Footballer and Cheerleaders. I recycled a costume I made last year - a spider! It was really simple, I started with a long sleeved top, 3 pairs of tights and a pair of black shorts.
All I did was;
chopped two pairs of tights off of the short bit at the top to make 4 legs,
stuffed all 4 legs with carrier bags (They made it keep shape),
measured the right places and made small holes to stuff the legs into
hand sewed the tights into the top,
tied rope round each leg to attach to my hand,
got dressed in the other tights, shorts and spider top. Ta-Da!
I also drew on my face with eyeliner - a spiders web and spider.

When it was first made

Practical and warm

Face design
Rob, me and Chris

And again

Lauren, Sarah and me.

Hope you all had a good halloween, what did you get up to?

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