Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I got up, did some dishes from the night before, watched the gilmore girls (It was the really sad episode where Logan takes Rory to his parents house and they're really mean to her), bought a top from ArkOnline, came upstairs and started to read and write about the history of services for people with Learning Disabilities, got an unknown call that was confirming my placement within a child protection duty and assessment team! I'm very excited as this is the exact placement I wanted, right down to the tee. (Sorry, for those who do not know, I take a social work degree and a large part of that degree I spend on placement, this is just like having a full time job and not getting paid for it. You learn the skills you need to work effectively in the team, whilst continuing on with lots of reading and essays for uni). I called my mum, dad, shouted it around the house, text some friends who understand what I'm talking about and did a little victory dance. Since, I've tried to sit down at the computer again and write some more but I got a bit stuck. I spoke to a friend and her approach to the essay and she really helped clarify some issues I was having and recommended a couple of books - what a super star! Now, I can't decide whether to make fish pie ready for tea later as I have a basketball match I need to be cheering at, or continue with my work. I haven't got the correct books to carry on with this part of my work, but I am able to get them before/after cheer. Hmm.. I will be using this recipe for my fish pie, without the pea and mint dip though :)

What are you up to today?

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