Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Wana hear what I've done today instead of work?

Watched the gilmore girls
drank numerous cups of tea, felt bad so switched to coffee
got back into bed to lay and think about things
spoke to my housemate about her friends break up
arranged an appointment for someone else
spoke to people on FB chat
cooked some smiley faces and sausages for lunch
watched a programme about what to eat to avoid migraines (I get them sometimes)
played with a candle and burnt my nail
packed a bag ready for a sleepover
wrote a couple of emails
more tea
FB stalked people
Checked up on a couple of blogs
spoke to my best friends mum about her birthday/his passing out
considered showering
finally gave in to do some work, wrote out a couple of essay plans
wrote another email to figure out what an essay wanted
decided to blog about successful procrastination.

things I should do to procrastinate as it would help;
tidy my room
do my dishes
do some washing

things I won't do for procrastination;
all things above.

Did I hear you suggest more tea? Oooh.. okay.

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