Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sorry Guys! iPhone photos...

I've been a bit AWOL recently as University assignments are slowly burying me away from the world and maintaining a social life. You might be pleased to know that they're going quite well though :)

Not only has my blog been neglected, but my room and chores have too;

THIS IS A STATE. It's lucky that my back is turned to all of this whilst I'm working else nothing would get done. Some lovely music I have discovered recently is by Maverick Sabre, he was born in London but moved to Ireland when he was quite young so he sounds like an Irish singer and has released a song called 'Let me go' that you probably will have heard. Here is another good one by him that you probably haven't heard;

I've decided to turn this post into interesting photos from my iPhone this week;

A lovely chicken I roasted last week

 Blueberry tea, it went purple before red, was cute.

Michael had to leave some boots here and I put them on to give him a laugh when he was a little sad. 

In our union this week it's nightline awareness - a phoneline for students to call if they want a chat about anything, there was bubble wrap everywhere!

This is my piece of mint aero, far too much brown chocolate and not enough green chocolate on this piece. sorry about the tatty nails too. Awfully slack.

What have you guys been up to? Something better than me I hope!

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