Monday, 26 August 2013

Leeds Festival '13

I am still not quite out of my blogging funk, so here's a quick run down of what happened at the festival.

  1. we were volunteering, but not camping (we drove home each evening, got cooked meals, had showers and stayed in lovely beds)
  2. Our job was to set up and man an information tent, and help people decide where to camp etc
  3. we worked two shifts (12 hours in total), and got the rest of the time off
  4. we saw (in my favourite order); Bastille, Kodaline, Chase and Status, and Eminem.
  5. we got stuck in the mud... a lot.
  6. we didn't cry, not once (although I did get close)
  7. we made so so many friends, and charmed a lot of security personnel
  8. but most of all, we had a GREAT time. 



Chase and Status

The whole experience was incredible, and I am very very lucky to have had the chance to go! I would definitely go to a festival again, which I did not think I'd be saying, but only as long as Michael lets us stay in a caravan/van. Oh and I'd have to go with Michael, no one else would put up with me.


  1. Looks fun, I love how you listed eminem as your least favorite lol

  2. I'm jelly.. I love me some slim shady...

  3. Looks the FESTAXI :)