Monday, 12 September 2011


The other day, I was about to start a scrapbook page for a really good time in my life - The Leeds University Union dance show, in which my cheerleading team took part in two dances. I realised that I had too many photographs that I wanted to include, and knew I'd have to think of something else to do.

That's when I decided to make a mini-memory-book. I considered the photographs and the dominant colours to make sure I chose the right pages, but then thought that our team colours - green, burgundy, white and black would be more suitable. I chose my pages and measured them; they needed to be wide enough for the photograph and any design I wanted to add after. I counted how many photographs I had and how many pages I would need etc. I folded the paper to make sure they were showing the right colour (they were two sided papers) and attached with double sided sticky tape. Then I added the photographs, some writing, hearts and glitter.

I learnt that I should have not folded the paper, but cut it and stuck it back together with the pinker card in between - this would have just given a hint of colour, rather than the block of colour you can see in this photo. I am pleased with this mini-memory-book, but I made another two and learnt from this previous mistake.

This mini-memory-book is for my second year Cheerleading tour. (Please excuse the quality of the photograph, I am only using my iphone- I will start using my Canon)
I weathered the edges of the dotty paper with some gold and grey ink, and cut out individual letters from an old book. The bottle cap is stuck on with a glue gun. 

These are the photographs included, and you can see how big it is - quite small really.

As you can see, I learnt my lesson. I made sure the joining section was tucked in between both sheets of paper so there was only a hint of extra colour, rather than a block. You can also see that I used Lace on this particular design - that's my favourite pattern, much to my mothers apprehension as it's hers!
I also used Brads on this particular design as you can see on the right hand side, but rather than poke them through and bend, I trimmed the back off and stuck them on using the hot glue gun- I didn't want the page on the back to be different.

Before I made this mini-memory-book, I made this one;

But decided it was too pretty and would use it for something else!

P.S. I haven't figured out how to rotate pictures yet either! If you know.. do tell please.

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