Monday, 12 September 2011

Writing Book Covers

My mum's friend is now doing craft as a full time job, and mum's been thinking of things that we can make that aren't costly so her friend can sell them for a profit. My favourite idea of hers, that I ran with, was covers for little note books. This one had input from me, my sister and my mum - now that's family planning!

I also made another one for my housemates birthday; she loves home made gifts and I knew something that was right up her street. We both like singing, so I found a quote with this in mind and made her a personal little book <3

We bought little book packs, covered them with a plain colour back and front, and then chose a pattern paper to put on top. On top of that, I wrote words, raised a particular part of the design which I then weathered, and drew rose buds with a redish pen. I think it's beautiful. 

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