Monday, 12 September 2011

My Scrapbook Pages

Here are a couple of pages that I have already created;

 This was one of the first scrapbook pages I made, at a craft day my mother, sister and grandma attended. It was to remember the tour I had been on with the Cheerleaders at my University.

This was a page to remember my friend Helen, who also attended the cheerleading tour I was on - the quote is a very funny memory!

Two of my best friends, Faye and Rosie, are featured on this page. They are very lovely.

This page is for best friend from university. I was very proud of this page - I used these stencil cutters to make the circles.

This page is for my lovely sister, it was very simple as the flower design was already on the page.

This is for my beautiful cat, I'd been playing with the idea of heart bunting for a long while and will probably attempt it again!

This was to remember the summer time during my first year at university.

This was for two of my best friends at university- my mum loved what I did with the card underneath the photograph.

This page was for another friend at university.

This was to remember my halls during the first year at university, and my wonderful flatmates!

I have a couple more to add now but they're sleeping at my sisters house, so I will have to get them another time. 

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