Sunday, 2 December 2012

unexpected parcel

Okay. so this post should have been published in September, but the gift that arrived was perfect
for my old housemate Alyna's birthday, so I didn't want to share it before I had the chance to give her
hers, so yeah. SUPER old post, but good none the less ha. 

So Michael and I were talking the other day about how my new housemate had the coolest tea infuser and Michael got a little bit annoyed. I thought it was most peculiar, but Michael admitted that he had recently found it too and already got it dispatched to my address. That boy is much too good to me! 
Obviously got too excited and started unwrapping before thinking

Two layers of packagin

Sweet note

TA-DA!!! How flipping cool is he! I think I'm gona name him Hugo, or something along those lines. I'm gona have all kinds of tea as well. Spoilt rotten as always. Thank you Michael :)

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