Saturday, 15 December 2012


What a funny word, I had to re type it like 5 times cause it is not something my fingers are use to. I literally had the best day! Although some of it was spent running around like a headless chicken and I didn't really see my grandparents, everyone saw me graduate and we had tonnes of photo's, I didn't trip up the stairs and I just had a wonderful day :) it was also icy to begin with and it rained throughout the day (hence my wispy hair) but that could not ruin my excitement, it was exactly what I wanted!

here are some photo's (I opted for a white dress because I didn't want to be drowned in black, and I saw someone from a previous year and thought the colours suited well enough)


this is a photo heavy post, here's a chance to escape now! (I don't recommend it though)




The best day in a while! I loved it, and I felt like someone from slytherin in Harry Potter with the green cloaks ha


  1. Grandma was so pleased to watch and be with us in spirit and I know Natalie felt the same - so glad it was on line, I felt like we all shared in your happiness - well done my lovely x x x ps and grandma loves these pictures too :)

  2. Oh these are great photos, I love your dress! Though the cape/gown you are wearing still reminds me of zelda haha.