Sunday, 25 December 2011

What I wore: Christmas Day

I thought whilst my dad was in the shower and then off out to pick my uncle up, I'd show you what I'm wearing for Christmas and some of the things I've already got :)

It's a long black vest-top kinda dress, with a pink/net top on top. 

Any shopaholic knows where this is from...

Definitely spoilt by Michael's parents

Gosh Make up set from Michael's parents

Enlarged and framed photo from Michael's passing out parade.

Grape hat from Michael (That I've wanted for agessss)

Fancy shoe things to help me get through snow safely! from my father

Some money and a mince pie recipe from my father (I already owed him some from a huge phone bill)

I can plug it into my car radio and get my mp3 playing out.

New bag from my nan

Jumper, knitted by my great aunt. Amazing :)

New bag from my sister

with these inside! my faves 
and these, fancy strings

And this -what I thought I was going to get from my sister

I am off to get ready to go to my nan's house ready for dinner, Merry Christmas everyone!

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