Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday Want List

I'm in the market for a new laptop but I'm going to wait until the post-Christmas sales to get the best deal even though some have started already. Seeing as I was already on the net looking for a laptop, I thought I'd just have a quick browse on some clothing websites and found some beautiful clothes that I'd really really really like.

                   Tesco  £15                               Tesco, Again £7                                  BooHoo £10
Skirt, Boohoo £15                                           Skirt, Boohoo £15                        Skirt, Boohoo £15
4.  5. 6.

                           Asos £15                                                       Asos, again £17
7. 8.
                       Asos £20                                                   This is just the skirt, Asos £45
9. 10.
                                                                               ^I would never spend this much on a skirt but it's lovely.
just the skirt again, Asos £9.50                  yep, just skirt although I think I'd wear it like this! Asos £14
11. 12.

   Just the skirt, Asos £15                                                                       Skirt, Asos £17.50
13.  14.

There's always a colour scheme right up until the last few, when they make a new colour scheme
  Asos, yet again.     £17                                                                     Just the skirt, Asos £14
15. 16. 
Asos, Skirt £23                                                                                     Boohoo, Just skirt £15
17. 18.

Skirt Again, Boohoo £15

So yes.. any donations welcome. Please? Okay so maybe not. But could you give me your opinions please? What should I purchase with my Christmas money?

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