Monday, 12 December 2011

Day Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve!

Slack Steven is what you should call me. Although Slack Stacey works quite well too. But to be far to myself I have come back home for Christmas and not actually opened my calender, not just forgotten to write a post! The photo's of each pocket are on my other laptop so I will have to update the post when I'm back on that.

On the ninth, I was really hungover, I got a flump and devoured it on the spot.

On the Tenth, I got some lace- I love adding it to scrapbook pages as an extra texture.

On the Eleventh, I got some double sided sticky tape, handy for any keen crafty person.

And today, my sister's birthday (she's over at Home Bird Economics, go on, say Happy Birthday), I got some coloured page markers - I LOVE THESE! Colours make any boring uni book look better and I usually just use loads of post-its/re-use the other pack I have.. but I don't need to do that anymore!

How are all of your Christmas plans going? I'm almost there with the presents, just 2-3 more things because I'm feeling generous!

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