Monday, 5 December 2011

Day three, four and five

Okay I got a little slack on the calender front but never fear, here are my daily presents;

a pack of strawberry flavour millions (This isn't my own picture, we had some friends around Saturday night and I appear to have lost them...)


A prit stick for craft!


Some lovely coloured Brads!

Today is my momas birthday, so if you're reading this mum, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! I keep asking if her card has turned up because I've forgotten what it looks like/says and it's bothering me ha.

What's everyone up to today? It's very cold here, it's even started snowing! I'm such a grump when it comes to snow and christmas songs, I hate most of them. One play is enough but no. I really do like fairy christmas lights though. 

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