Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What I wore: Christmas Sales

I tackled the boxing day sales on boxing day and got a couple of bargains, I'm gona spread them out though! I had to get the wrong sizes on a couple of items because they only had a select few and I really wanted them, just pinning them usually works fine anyways! Today, I'm going for dinner with my good friend Hollie. We're either going to Nando's or Chiquito's, so here is what I am wearing;

Necklace, £4 accessorize

Skirt, £12 Oasis

plain black strap top and long navy cardigan

Skirt from the back-
I actually don't like the front of the skirt so I put it on backwards ;)

Skirt from the side, kinda diamondy pattern

Anybody else get good swag from the sales? Link me up!


  1. Love the necklace!!
    Laur x


  2. Thanks so much! our accessorize had loads in so perhaps you could get one too :)