Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Eve Eve WantList

Some sales have started already and I've seen so much I'd LOVE to own, here's a peek;

                                  £36                                                                      £30
                                  £21                                                                                 £36
                                 £19.50                                                                           £24.50
                               £45                                                                                         £17.50
                         £22                                                                                           £10.50
                     £18                                                                                               £15

All the above are from

                  £15                                                           £20


The above are from

My moma's just text and said she's got an interview for a job she wanted so I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS again, you'll definitely ace it :)I've also just heard of something called Washi Tape. I'm sure most of you are aware of what it is, but for those who aren't it's like decorative tape that you use wherever you like! These are the most beautiful ones I've found. Just quite expensive too!

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