Saturday, 14 January 2012

21st Celebrations

Yesterday was Theana's 21st birthday and seen as everyone still has exams and deadlines, we decided it was good excuse to dress up fancy and go out for a civilized grown up meal. I haven't got a photo of my fancy dress just yet, I will put it on again and take one especially. It was an ABSOLUTE bargain.. £7 in the H&M sale, and it's beautiful!

Here are some photo's from the day;

Theana with her boyfriend Sam

Theana and I

Hazza Finds and I

There will be more to come when the girls upload theirs :)

Here are Theana's photos;
Rachael and Alyna

Chris M and I

Everyone at the resturant 

 Fancy birthday sparkler

Sam A and I 

Daniella and I 
Hazza and her boyfriend Laurence 

Sam and Richard 

Chris R, James and Rob 

We all had fun.. even if the curry was a bit too warm for some of us! 

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