Sunday, 1 January 2012

There are too many things I want to blog about, so this may be a long post!

Janel at Run with Scissors shared her word of the year from this site, and I think it's a really positive thing to do and I'm certainly going to give it a lot of thought so I can participate too.

This is my new jumper, my great aunt knitted it for me for Christmas and my sister at Home Bird Economics wanted to see what it was like on, so here it goes;

Here is also what I wore for new years. Dad caught me papping a few photos of my new dress (Topshop sale, £10) and I suggested he joined in! I decided to curl my hair, not only cause it was a special occassion, but after doing all these outifit posts I've noticed I always seem to have straight hair!

This post is quite long now so I'm gona save the rest for another day!
Hope you all had a lovely new years? Did you get up to anything fantastic? Let me know! xx


  1. The great thing about that jumper is that it's handmade! It's so lovely and looks super warm.

    x Michelle |

  2. It is most definitely warm! Perfect for these cold winters <3

  3. I really love the jumper and the dress!!!
    So cute!

    I love the pictures with dad bless him :)