Wednesday, 11 January 2012

AWOL Annie

Hey guys,

sorry I've been AWOL these past couple of days, I've just been doing work non-stop. I had a placement agreement meeting yesterday which went well and got me all excited, but is still rather daunting at the same time. Stopped on the motorway for a starbucks because, well, I deserved it. Had a lecture in the afternoon that wasn't the most reassuring, then had volunteering all yesterday evening. My moma also had a job interview so if you could all keep your fingers crossed for her, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Today I'm making last minute changes to a psycho-social essay and finishing the powerpoint presentation that I will have to deliver tomorrow - eek! I have volunteering again tonight which was a bit silly as I'm not going to get much sleep before my presentation, it didn't register when I said I'd do the shift. Silly. But oh well, I'll troop through!

Have you guys been up to anything good? My friend Daniella and I are going to see this band in February (SBTRKT) and I just love them, have you heard of them? Here's a vid or two!

Have you guys been sticking to your new years resolutions? 

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