Monday, 23 January 2012


Today, I was up early enough to see the sunrise and I had enough time to play around with the same image on instagram, I love the prepared settings you can choose from

This is the original photo..

and how I'm spending my evening... True Blood with a lemsip. I've had a busy day and I've got a cold :(


  1. beautiful pictures! nice blog :) come check mine out some time

  2. What's instagram? You mentioned it in another post but I don't think you explained what it was! Lovely picture though, did you take it with your iPhone? I think everyone in our house is a bit poorly at the moment, we must have all caught something on Friday! Rachael's ill, I heard you coughing last night and I have had a slightly sore throat and snotty nose for the last few days. Eek! <3

    1. It is an app that lets you photoshop images almost, you get like 12 different changes to choose from, so fun.

  3. Cheesy pasta was awesome!!
    Sorry you aren't feeling great. I think its an early night for me too!