Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Lipstick

QUICK DISCLAIMER; I don't review products, there are plenty of other blogs that do this kind of thing, and I'm not promoting or advertising any lipstick brands, I'm just commenting on what happened during my day today.

It's so hard to find this exact shade of lipstick that I'd like, the next person I see wearing it may well be questioned on the spot! Theana and I went lipstick shopping today, I bought two (will show you tomorrow, I have a large spot today :( ), but came out of the shop looking like some sort of pink leopard!

I got the shade just left of the arrow as it's trying to show, and I can't remember which mark the other one made to let you know, but you'll see tomorrow perhaps!

What's your favourite brand of lipstick? I'm a fan of coloursensational by maybelline.

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