Monday, 2 January 2012

Marble Cake

On New Years Eve, it was my friend birthday as well. He doesn't live with his parents and I wasn't sure if he was going to get a cake with candles to blow out, so I wanted to make sure he did. 21 is a big birthday after all!

Here's the recipe I used. I followed it to a T because I'm not a very good baker. It took agesssssss to fully cook and I think the outside was a bit too brown but oh well. I think it was because the tin was too deep.

Tin I had to borrow from my nans, nicely lined already! What a babe <3

Our Old fashioned scales
Measure everything out

Mix butter and sugar together 

Mix butter and sugar with flour together

Add in the eggs

Lots of mixed batter

Split the mixture, add cocoa to one

Alternate dollops of each mixture into the cake tin until there's none left

Goopey mixture, get a skewer and mix it around a bit, not too much though,

I wish I had a photo of the end product but I don't! And, I didn't even get to try it, so I can't really review it. Apologies :(

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