Sunday, 19 August 2012

Weekly Roundup #5

When I thought about writing this post today I was hesitant as I didn't think I had that many photo's to share, but I was wrong. Another week full of work but there have been a couple of things going on in the evening to keep me entertained! In the south west we have a firework competition every year. I'm not sure why we get it and no where else, but I'm glad because fireworks are one of my favourite things.

Fireworks on Tuesday

fireworks on Wednesday

ridiculous space that I managed to get into

On Thursday we made lots of goodies at work - crumble, brownies and cookies!

day trip with the grandparents on Friday

walking up to a lunch spot

lovely burger
and tea

on Friday I went to visit my mum and we had a power cut!

and on Saturday I went to the museum with work, one of my favourite places :)

I think I'm going to try out some recipes today which I'm sure you'll hear about in the week! I'm so glad that some of my favourite shows are back; Grimm, True Blood and kind of breaking bad but I'm not as into that as the others!


  1. Your photos are amazing! And THANKS SOOOO MUCH for all the lovely comments on my blog! :)

    1. Aw thanks Diana and you're welcome! Keep it up :) x