Friday, 3 August 2012

What's in my bag? #2

So.. sticking to this monthly certainly hasn't worked but to be fair, my bag does not change that often! Right now it's just used to going to work all the time so it's packed up for a day of fun;

pretty full

Harry Potter - essential reading in between jobs,
purse, filofax, work notes, pad and ID, 
Wagamama's take out menu, keys, nail file, lipstick x3
rubiks cube, sauce sachets, gum, tic tacs, cinema tickets and a sweetie packet

ha can you see on my work ID that they stuck googley eyes on me!
I love carrying sauce sachets for two reasons, 1. people really appreciate it, 2. fun to squish

My rubiks cube is currently broken :( but who needs to carry 3 lipsticks anyways?

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