Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday's Fadaise #2

So, today, as I walked out the door generally forgetting about Friday's Fadaise, I saw a horse and its rider walking past my road. If you knew where I lived you'd be like... what?! and then I clicked, yep, it's Friday..

Number two on the list is that, being an adult, I'm allowed to choose my own breakfast and today I allowed myself a pack of fruit pastilles (if you're a parent and concerned for me, don't worry I don't do it that often haha).

Number three is that both ends of said fruit pastilles were red! I'm not a fan of the purple ones so I had to open the other end and I had tonnes of reds, always a plus.

4. I always pass a certain roundabout on my way to work and friends have said that little bunnies live on it. I've never seen them so I've always been a little dubious, however, today I saw them - super cute and sweet! and it made my day.

5. Blowing raspberries and playing sniffer dog at work.

6. After a long long walk to the beach and park, when we finally got back a kid said 'Stacey I've got the best game.. you pretend to sleep and I'll try and wake you up!!' yes please my friend, I'd love to play that game right now!

7. Cuddles with this fellow

8. A simple addition to an outfit that made me feel tonnes better (the belt)

9. going to the cinema and being chosen to take part in a giveaway - Michael and I won a picnic blanket!

10. Completing a survey in M&S food and finding out that I'd be given a £5 gift voucher after. Then buying my favourite Calamari/prawn dishes

I've had an incredibly lucky and super day today, with Andy's first rugby match tomorrow I think it's going to be an all round super weekend!

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