Wednesday, 15 August 2012

sea blue

we're a little blue over at improvised intentions, and when I say we, I mean Zinc and I. Over the past few years I've turned into a right girl. I never used to cry but now my eyes appear to be like taps. Having PCOS my hormones are all over the place and that doesn't help either. So when I'm feeling a little sad there are a few things that really really comfort me.

Ice cream (preferably B&J's baked alaska/half baked, Morrisons own salted caramel and hazelnut or Langage farm thunder and lightening) or ice lollies (preferably cola, lemonade, cider or something along those lines)

perfume - I have lots of perfumes (about 6-7) that I have for different reasons, one for dating, three for daily use, two for when I'm feeling down and need comforting etc. I'm big on smells, it's important to smell nice and it really makes me think of a person differently when they smell good. When I need comforting it is the old favourite; white musk from the body shop. I don't know a single person who doesn't like this smell!

I'm actually such a huge fan that I have it in a tube almost like chapstick from years ago

Cuddles - preferably with a person but with zinc/tibbs also suits me just fine, especially if they purr. I like to work hard for that purr, cats are lovely.

my top doesn't look like that but I'd prefer if you didn't know where I work, not sure how my boss'd feel!

wearing hoodies - I like my University of Leeds hoody for comfort because it's quite tight and feels like a warm hug

copious amounts of tea - I'm sure you all understand

photo from this post

lets hope all of this works!


  1. You can always come over if that would help any? Or we can go do some shopping! We need to finish foraging too.

    Plus friday we have our day out

    1. Dad and I went to the fireworks this evening, just didn't want to broadcast that just yet :p it was good, but thank you :) might need to tomorrow night after leading all day. Hope you're finances are looking good xx