Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday's Fadaise #4

For the original idea behind this post please see here. So, Daisy went in for her MOT today (I had flash backs of something similar to this happening ) and I've been pootering about mums little village like town bit trying to occupy myself whilst the work is being done.

Things making me smile today;

  • A fly buzzing around woke me up. He's been following me around the house even though I have windows and the door open. I think we're friends now. 
  • browsing the Co-op and remembering that I wanted to make Florentines! (perhaps there will be more to come on this)
  • buying some lentils to try making Theana's lentil soup
  • buying a new nail varnish partly (read: mainly) because it's called coralicious 

  • unknowingly walking over a draincover and thinking I was going to fall into oblivion and die because I could hear the gushing water so loud (that isn't even an exaggeration I was honestly scared haha)
  • a man who was up a ladder frowned at me, I have never been frowned at from the top of a ladder before. 
  • the sun is out! and sitting out on the porch reading cookery books
  • looking up long driveways imagining my self living in such houses
  • making my bed (which was covered in hair) and realising I could never have an affair (aside from the obvious reasons) because I'd leave a trail behind incriminating myself. 
I hope you're having a wonderful Friday too!

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