Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Poppy and Fern

When I got home from work earlier I was greeted by the loveliest parcel and, if I'm honest, I squealed with excitement! As I mentioned in this post, for my birthday I wanted to get an embroidered initial necklace from Poppy and Fern (shop, facebook). I am 100% blown away with my necklace and little parcel and I definitely want to share it with you :)

I'd been in contact with Rachel (the mastermind behind Poppy and Fern) a few times before I placed my order for the necklace as Rachel knew the colours and material better than I could see through a computer and I wanted to get her opinion. Rachel was always kind and lovely and although I feel I bothered her a little too much, she always put thought into her replies and I really appreciated that. ENOUGH BLAB! Onto the package..

I love receiving packages from America because they have lots of paper/stamps on them that I don't understand, I also love that I now have something all the way from Texas!

inside this package there was a little brown bag that housed these

In the clear packet is this very sweet leaping rabbit necklace that is just beautiful and a bonus that I was not expecting, so thank you so much Rachel!

my own little parcel to be excited about 
(I first saw these necklaces on facebook and it was the stamped box that made me set on getting one)

(this stamp)

ta-da! I chose the Ecru fabric with the wine coloured thread

The little note was very sweet and shows Rachel's love for her talent, 
and this whole parcel is so beautiful it just makes me feel blessed

I don't have a photo with it on yet as I look awful from work, but keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure it'll be my new staple accessory! I urge you all to go forth and browse Rachel's work, she's always coming up with new ideas and if you follow her on facebook you'll see them before anyone else ;) I'm also eyeing up this necklace and this one... ha!

p.s. meant to also add that the length of the necklace is PERFECT! I thought it was going to be too short but as soon as I put it on I knew that a lot of thought had gone into it, brilliant <3