Wednesday, 1 January 2014

DIY patterned pillow case scarf tutorial

For Christmas I made my dear friends Theana and Harriet scarves. I bought a bed set (quilt, under sheet, duvet cover and pillow case) for £1.99 or £2.99, I can't quite remember, from a charity shop, and vowed to make as many things as possible! 

So to start, I examined the cases and patterns. I googled tonnes of variations of 'make scarf out of pillow' and there was nothing, so here is my tutorial to you. If you're a wisened seamstress this will be much too basic for you- please don't think I'm being patronising I'm just writing for people who may not have sewn before (only because I read tutorials sometimes and I'm like woahhhh there lassie, what are you saying).  

Lay your patterned cases out- think about the way the pattern will look once seen e.g. if I just sewed these two together like this it'd look awful. 

But if I were to sew them like this instead then it's much nicer (always fold and think about it before cutting or sewing)

Next you need to cut the unnecessary panel away; I started by halving the pillow case (cutting both the longest vertical side seam and across the top seam) and then cutting close to the white 

If you're concerned about losing any of your inner pattern then cut closer/on the blue and you can just sew a lot closer than this, I personally was more concerned about a huge middle seam and opted to cut close 

Place together and think about the middle pattern again- I moved these flowers to have the darkest ones in the corners opposite each other

Place on top of each other and ensure they are lined up correctly- you don't want to unpick your stitch. For me it was ensuring that all the white lines were in the same place etc 

Pin and sew along this edge

Fold sewed edges out and iron over- Erm I'm not sure why. For good measure. And cause mum makes me. From here you either need to hem, shear (zig zag cut) or fray the edges to finish off, I was going to shear but then decided fraying would probably look nicer! Just pull a couple of strands out all the way along 

I unfortunately didn't get a photo with one before I gave them as presents,but perhaps we can ask Harriet and Theana if they could kindly send us one.... :) if you use this pattern/idea please link back! I'd love to see what you've made!

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